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Cult Star Icons Veronica Carlson and Caroline Munro as the Oracles

MONSTER BASH is the only current classic horror film convention operating, and Sue and I (and our dog Buddy) traveled to Butler, PA to socialize with friends such as Nancy and Dick Klemensen, Steve Vertlieb, Wes Shank and wife Judy, Robert Tinnell and many others. Many attendees asked to be photographed with Buddy, and children were most concerned when we appeared on the convention floor without our companion.

Our third feature film, tentatively titled STELLAR QUASAR, goes into full production at the end of the month.  Unlike TERROR IN THE TROPICS and TERROR IN THE PHARAOH'S TOMB, STELLAR QUASAR is a science fiction "quest" movie with tons of green screen photography and digital special effects.  Sue, who wrote the screenplay and is directing once again, loves science fiction movies and this is the film she seems most jazzed about.
To beef up interest and to honor our cinematic heroes, we knew that former FANEX guests Veronica Carlson and Caroline Munro would be appearing at the BASH.  Working with another friend and sponsor Kevin Flynn, we arranged for the ladies to play outer space Oracles that deliver the biting message at the climax of the movie.  Hiring a student crew headed by Robert Tinnell, their film school teacher and director of the movie FRANKENSTEIN AND ME, the sequences were shot by Nicholas Carrington with assistance from Jason Walker.  Tinnell offered Sue technical advice while she directed.  It was a virtual lovefest!

 Our lovely ladies wore intensely colorful and sparkling costumes, designed by Sue for the sequence, and after setting up the portable green screen, the filming commenced as the professional attributes of Carlson and Munro blazed through.  Their expressions, movement and line readings were impeccable.  And remember, we were filming in a hotel room under compromised circumstances.  But our actresses did themselves proud and we felt honored and blessed by their participation in our modest production.

The very next day Sue and I met our friends Wes Shank and Judy, owners of the original Blob, and Wes graciously invited a small crew to come up to his home museum later in the summer to film a few sequences.  These sequences will focus upon several of his actual movie props to add class, history and budget to the production.

So even before the actual production begins, we are finding success and help in many different ways, from so many friends.  As the shooting begins, we will be posting photos and the latest reports.

Richard Klemensen, Steven Thornton; Buddy; and Gary J. Svehla at the Bash

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